Federal Litigation

At the Law Offices of Aziz J. Asmar we use federal litigation to protect our clients’ rights by stopping agency delays and holding the government accountable for misinterpretations of our immigration laws.

Mandamus In Federal District Court for Stalled Applications

Sometimes our immigration bureaucracy becomes stalled in the process of approving an application for asylum, adjustment of status, or other immigration matter. Files are lost, background checks remain incomplete, and your application simply does not progress. Although in cases of delay the federal court cannot order immigration officials to approve your application, you do have the right to a timely decision which a federal judge can order the government to issue.

A Writ of Mandamus is an action in federal court to remedy an unreasonable delay by an administrative agency. If your life has been placed on hold because of bureaucratic delay, talk to us about the possibility of having a decision in your case be issued immediately. Even if our office didn’t represent you in your original case, we can help assert your rights in federal court.

Administrative Procedures Act in Federal District Court for Inaccurate Decisions

In addition to having the right to a timely decision, you also have the right to be heard in a court of law if you disagree with how USCIS decided your case.  Under the Administrative Procedures Act you can take the government to court to challenge incorrect decisions.  When USCIS makes a mistake in your case or misinterprets the law our attorneys are prepared to continue the fight on your behalf at all levels of the judiciary.

Filings under the Administrative Procedures Act can take place even years after your case was wrongly denied.  Don’t let USCIS deny your case without having the judicial review that you deserve.